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Since our founding in the first year of the 1900s, we have shared in the development of our home town of Kyoto and Shika and today our main business is "Construction" and we are committed to the development of the local community.
We are not only a builder, but also a builder who can create things, transcending the framework of a builder by making use of our experience in manufacturing, making it possible for us to propose and provide unique solutions as a builder who can create things.


  • TIG、Arc、Semi-Automatic Welding Machine

    TIG、Arc、By owning a semi-automatic welding machine, we can weld a wide range of products from thin to thick materials in stainless steel and steel.

  • Press Machine

    Our large 200-ton press can bend stainless steel and steel plates up to 16 tons in thickness. For copper plates, we have experience in bending up to FB300 x 50 tons.

  • Press Machine

    Stainless steel, steel plate thickness of up to 4.5 tons can be bent.


Responsible Execution" means that the entire production process is outsourced to a single enforcement company.
We are able to work consistently from inquiry to design to manufacturing to installation. We believe our strength and mission is to provide high quality and high safety products by shortening the construction period and reducing the cost by taking responsibility from the inquiry stage.


We are always thinking "What do our customers want?" and "How can we achieve it? Our first-class architects perform structural calculations and propose the best materials and structures for various plant facilities in order to meet any request from our customers.
We are able to provide complete, full-order equipment and products because we do everything from manufacturing to installation.


  • Representative Greeting

    Continue the Challenge

    Our company was founded in the first year of the Meiji era (1868) for the purpose of manufacturing and repairing agricultural machinery and equipment, and has expanded its business to include manufacturing and installation of buildings, can manufacturing, and plant construction, along with the succession of the business.
    Since the company's inception, our predecessors have always been aware of the challenge of making the company better than it is today. This was a challenge to meet the needs of our customers and the ever-changing community, and as a result, we have been able to satisfy many people and grow in parallel with the development of the community.
    We challenge ourselves every day to be the company our community, our customers, and our colleagues want us to be.
    That's what we value most.
    We will continue to take on the challenge of developing the region in the spirit of our predecessors' intentions to walk together and be sought after by all those who interact with us.
    We would like to thank you for your continued patronage and support.

  • Management Principles

    We contribute to the development of the local community as a "builder who can create things" and coexist with our customers and partners by providing "optimal products with stable quality and safety" for our customers.

    We believe that by undertaking the entire process of manufacturing and installation of factory equipment and products, we can propose the most suitable products that meet our customers' requirements and provide products with stable quality and safety at low cost.
    By responding to any request with responsible implementation, building a relationship of trust with our customers, and building a long-lasting relationship with them, we will grow together with the region. For this purpose, our management philosophy is to "Continue to take on challenges".

  • Company Profile

    Company Name
    Nakamoto Co.,Ltd.
    13 Nagitsuji Dori, Nagitsuji, Kyoto City
    1953 (founded in 1868)
    Representative Director, Koji Nakamoto
    Number of employees
    9 people (Skilled Skilled Architects, 2 people)
    General Construction License
    ■Kyoto Prefectural Governor License (Han-24) No. 39540
    Building and Construction, Steel Structure Leasing
    ■Kyoto Prefectural Governor Permit (Han-26) No. 39540
    University of Brighton Construction, plastering, snowmobile, black and white marble, marble statue, roofing, brick, brick and block, rebar, sheet metal, glass, paint, anti-fingerprint, interior finish, heat insulation, and building materials.
    Skirball Office Number
    (28A) No. 01059
    Trading Bank
    Shiga Bank Yamashina Branch
    Kyoto Bank Yamashina Tyuo Branch
    Member Organizations
    Kyoto Mechanics and Metals Youth Association of Small and Medium Enterprises
    Kyoto Shisaku Net
    Yamashina Keizai Doyukai (Japan Association of Corporate Executives)
    Kyoto Steel Structure Industry Association
    Higashiyama Tax Payment Association
    Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    National Association of Small and Medium-sized Construction Companies
  • Access Map

    〒607-8164 13 Nagitsuji Dori, Nagitsuji, Kyoto City
    TEL 075-581-0678


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