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We manufacture parts for industrial machinery using materials that require high-precision processing, such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloys and magnesium alloys. We are a company that strives every day to improve our technology with the motto of making products that our customers can use with confidence, making products with a high degree of difficulty, and taking on the challenge of new processing methods.
Many of our in-house production facilities are made to special specifications to accommodate products one size larger than standard specifications, and we have expanded the range of products we can accommodate by manufacturing the instruments used in processing in-house.
We currently supply parts to manufacturers of machinery that require high-precision metal parts and molds, such as pharmaceutical packaging machines, machine tools, and special grinding wheel manufacturing machines.


  • High Speed Machining Center

    Type:Sodick HS650L
    Linear motor drive, 40,000 min-1 high accuracy machining center for high accuracy machining of smooth, curved shapes of three-dimensional models.

  • Engraving electrical discharge machine

    Type:Sodick AG40L
    It is a linear motor-driven, high-speed, high-precision electrical discharge machining machine. Equipped with an automatic electrode change function, it performs precision and fine machining of alloy steel unattended.

  • Flat Type NC Lathe

    Type:Dainichi Metal Industry DL530
    It is a versatile machine that combines the operability of a general-purpose lathe that utilizes the skills of a machinist with the convenience of an NC lathe.


As a "technology-intensive factory that supports the development of equipment by designers," we achieve high quality and precision with our high-precision equipment and the skills of our fabricators to support the development of equipment by designers. We will also inherit and develop metal processing technology, an important fundamental technology, and pass it on to the next generation.


We mainly manufacture small parts, including prototypes, and are especially good at products that require multiple manual processes, such as products that require heat treatment during the manufacturing process, products that are finished and polished after 3D-CAD/CAM processing, and products that require the assembly and adjustment of formed and ground products. The company is also involved in micromachining with micro tools. We are also working on micromachining with micro-diameter tools.
We have accumulated information and know-how in each process of precision metal processing, from the creation of CAD/CAM data, to machining with various machine tools, to manual surface finishing and assembly, in order to provide optimal solutions to our customers' technical problems in "manufacturing".


  • Representative Greeting

    Since our company's inception, we have been manufacturing high precision machined products for use in industrial machinery. With the rapid development of manufacturing technology in the region, our customers' needs have diversified, and we have always challenged ourselves with new processing methods to keep up with the growth.
    In doing so, we believe that valuable experience and high-precision technology have been accumulated in our company, and we are still able to grow with the development of the region.
    We will continue to make efforts to contribute to the further development of our customers and the advancement of manufacturing technology by using the technology, information, and know-how we have cultivated since our founding to meet the challenges of our customers.
    We would like to thank you for your continued patronage and support.

  • Management Principles

    Achieve progress, contribution, and happiness through manufacturing

    We always think from the customer's point of view and respond to the challenges our customers face by concentrating our experience and technology. We believe that by accumulating such experiences and technologies, we can hone our skills and sensitivities and grow to provide higher values, which will lead to our employees' happiness and the realization of a prosperous society.

  • Company Profile

    Company Name
    O.G.Fine Co.,Ltd.
    89-1 Hirakawa Hirota, Jōyō City, Kyoto Prefecture
    September 1969
    Representative Director, Toshiyasu Ogawa
    Precision metal processing (manufacture of precision workpiece, molds, and assemblies)
    KES. Environmental Management System. Standard Step 1
    Trading Bank
    Kyoto Shinkin Bank, Joyo Branch
    Kyoto Chuo Shinkin Bank, Kutsugawa Branch
    Shiga Bank, Uji Branch
    Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Fushimi Branch
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    〒610-0101 89-1 Hirakawa Hirota, Jōyō City, Kyoto Prefecture
    TEL 0774-53-8718 FAX 0774-52-8418


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