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We create strong workplaces and better products that solve problems through thorough process control and daily ingenuity.
Over the years, we have specialized in canning sheet metal and have refined our technology. The technology has been developed over the years, and nowadays we are mainly engaged in large and thin sheet metal processing. We have also developed a number of commercial line dryers, large dryers and ovens, which are a fusion of various technologies, and we now accept one-stop orders for not only parts but also products.
We will continue to support your manufacturing operations with the trust and experience we have built up over the years.


  • Komatsu Brake Press

    General-purpose Bender Processing Machine
    Can be bent up to 3 m wide at a thickness of 6.0t

  • Set Press with NC

    Capable of drilling holes of up to 40φ in SS material up to 6.0t and SUS 4.0t

  • Corner Shear

    Capable of cutting up to 3.2 tons of SS material and 2.0 tons of SUS material with a maximum width of 150 mm


When the foundation is strong, we can deliver the best product.
We have an obligation to deliver the best products for every order we receive from our customers. We put a lot of effort into the 3S activity of "Organize, Organize, Clean" to fulfill our duty and to improve our way of thinking about our products. As a result, we have changed our thinking and attitude towards product manufacturing, and this has led to results. We will continue to deliver the best products to our customers through these 3S activities in the future.


■Zero delay in delivery time" by the optimal method and thorough process management in pursuit of operational efficiency
We thoroughly examine each process and evolve the process by adding ingenuity. All of our employees are committed to improving our "field skills".
■Thinner sheet metal processing
We have earned the trust of many customers with the know-how we have cultivated on equipment and production lines.
■A production system that can handle "design, processing, assembly, testing, operation, and delivery" in one go
Explanations of requirements and cautions can be completed by us alone, and in some cases, cost savings can be made.


  • Representative Greeting

    We aim to be a company that aims to develop people who are useful to society. We hope to be a creative company that develops people and produces better products with the management philosophy of "We are a company that aims to be useful to society.

    Our specialty is thin sheet metal fabrication of large cans: SS400, SUS304, t1.0 to t9.0.
    Thin sheet metal is used in dryers, ovens and dryers on so-called production lines. We have a lot of experience in this field.
    Heat source boxes, resin plate dryers, film dryers, film coolers, glass panel heat treatment furnaces, bogie-type heat treatment furnaces, clean ovens for medical products, steel plate ovens, and more. We also provide food-related services, which is our starting point, and we have manufactured many products.
    As we stated at the beginning of this statement, "We are a company that aims to develop people who are useful to society. As a manufacturing company, we will strive to be an irreplaceable company and a useful person to our customers and the local community with our management integrity.
    We would like to thank you for your continued support and patronage.

  • Management Principles

    We want to be a company that aims to develop people who are useful to society. We wish to be a creative company that produces human resources and better products with "Our goal is to be a company that contributes to society" as our management philosophy.

    In our 3S activities and process verification activities to achieve "zero delivery delays," continuity is the most important thing, and we believe that continuity builds the foundation of the company and its useful people. We will continue our activities, aiming to be an irreplaceable company for our customers and the local community, and we will always keep in mind the co-existence and co-prosperity of our employees and strive to do our best every day.

  • Company Profile

    Company Name
    Tanakatec Co.,Ltd.
    Representative Director, Yoshiaki Tanaka
    47 Ikenouchi-cho, Kichijoin, Minami-ku, Kyoto City
    T E L
    F A X
    February 1, 1940
    July 1, 1956
    Number of employees
    30 people
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    〒601-8316 47 Ikenouchi-cho, Kichijoin, Minami-ku, Kyoto City
    TEL 075-681-8741 FAX 075-681-8743


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