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We manufacture precision parts by cutting (machining centers and CNC lathes) plastic and rubber plates and rods.
We manufacture commercially available materials for cutting, as well as thick block materials for cutting with raw material specifications.
By taking advantage of the feature of "cutting" that does not use molds, we are able to handle a wide variety of products and small lots.
We can also help you solve your problems by making prototypes of covers and tanks with PTFE, PP, polycarbonate, and vinyl chloride using solvents and adhesives, and processing, lining, and surface treatment of urethane and silicone rubber with telluronic coatings to meet all kinds of resin and rubber needs.


  • CADCAM 4units

    3D:Mastercam 3units
    Compatible data
    dxf ・dwg・step・x_t・iges・stl etc

  • Machining Center (3-axis)6units

    OKUMA 4units
    FANUC  2units
    Maximum processing size
    X1500 Y660 Z660(mm)

  • CNC Lathe(2-axis)2units

    DMG Mori Seiki 2units


Contribute to the expansion of the application of resins. Can't do it is not the end. I challenge you to see if you can!
We at Goodwood KYOTO specialize in manufacturing prototypes of resin and rubber for a living. In this day and age when many types of resins and rubbers with new functions, such as insulation and weight reduction, have been commercialized, we provide prototypes of the shapes that our customers want with the materials that have the functions that they want, when they want them. We will do our best to contribute to the expansion of the field of resin applications by challenging ourselves to meet the challenge without easy refusals.


Speed Response:We can provide you with a quote within 24 hours to help you build your future quickly.
High precision:The strength of our cutting technology allows us to achieve high precision 1/100 mm units, and we are able to meet the demands of those who are looking for accuracy that cannot be achieved with other machining methods.
Problem Solving:We will propose materials, construction methods, and shapes that are suitable for your needs. We can also prepare drawings for you by consulting with you before you prepare the drawings and data.


  • Representative Greeting

    Our company has been manufacturing precision parts by cutting and processing plastics and rubber since its establishment

    We have contributed to the development of Japanese industry by meeting the needs of many prototypes by taking advantage of the cutting process, and by responding to requests for a wide variety of products and small lots at low cost and with short delivery times.
    Mass production of "Thank you". These are our most important words.
    We never say "I can't do it" without taking action in response to every question we receive from our customers. We have been close to our customers by examining and challenging every possibility. As a result, we have received many "thank yous" as well as many examples of solutions to our clients' problems and issues.
    We want to grow together with the local community so that we can receive "Thank You" from our customers, employees, families, local communities and the country as well.
    We would like to thank you for your continued patronage and support.

  • Management Principles

    The happiest thing for people and companies is to "mass-produce" "thank you..."

    We believe that saying "Thank you" is the essence of happiness for people and companies.
    We hope to grow into a company that can mass-produce "Thank you" from our customers, employees, families, local communities, and the country by always keeping an eye out for what we can do for them and improving our qualities and skills to help them.

  • Company Profile

    Company Name
    Good Wood-KYOTO Co.,Ltd.
    84-2 Nishigawara, Ichibe, Joyo City, Kyoto
    Representative Director, Toshiya Tsujimoto
    September 1998
    March 2004
    Manufacture of resin and rubber-turned materials Manufacture of resin and rubber-turned parts
    Number of employees
    15 people (2 part-time employees)
    Enterprise Accreditation and Public Programs Adopted Projects
    ・2013 Amendments
     Small and medium-sized enterprises and small business operators, adopted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) for their confidence in manufacturing, commerce and services
    ・2014 Amendments
     Grant of confidence in manufacturing, commerce, and service adopted (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
    ・2016 Amendments
     Subsidy for support of innovative manufacturing, commercial and service development (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
    ・Management Innovation Plan Approval (Governor of Kyoto Prefecture) based on the Law for Strengthening the Management of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, etc.
  • Access Map

    〒610-0114 84-2 Nishigawara, Ichibe, Joyo City, Kyoto
    TEL 0774-39-7803 FAX 0774-39-7806


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